Zinc Anodes

Zinc Anodes are usually applied in Low Resistivity Soils below 1000 ?-cm and in Seawater or produced brines. Standard Zinc Anodes are supplied in variety of sizes & weights. Zinc should not be used when the Electrolyte temperature is or exceeds 135°F. The Anodes are packed in standard back fill (75% Gypsum, 20% Bentonite and 5% Sodium Sulphate). Anodes are also available with different dimensions and shapes. High temperature Zinc Anodes are also available in various shapes and sizes without Back fill.

Zinc Anode

Type of Anodes:

  • Tear Drop Anodes
  • Stand OFF Anodes
  • Tank Anodes
  • Hull Anodes
  • Bracelet Anodes

BSS Tech's cast customized alloy, dimension, shape and size. It’s laboratory is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. All products are tested and inspected prior to shipping. Chemical analyses are run on each heat prior to casting.

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