Test Station Captain

BSS Tech introduces, CAPTAIN – Cathodic Protection Test Stations, an innovative, economical and versatile solution for Cathodic Monitoring on Buried Metallic Structures. CAPTAIN is a High Impact Resistant, Non Conductive , above Ground Terminal for conveniently Monitoring Electrical Currents & Potentials associated with all type of Cathodically Protected Structures.CAPTAIN can be used as Monitoring Stations as well as Junction Boxes.

Test Station - Captain

Major applications are as listed below:

  • Underground Structure Potential Monitoring as a Test Station
  • Junction Box for Anodes; especially for Sacrificial Anodes
  • Reference Electrode Junction Box
  • Pipeline Bonding Stations for Crossing & Parallelism
  • Grounding System Termination

Technical Features :

  • Produced from High Impact Polycarbonate ; One of the World’s toughest Plastic which is used in making
  • Aircraft Windows, all kind of helmets from Military to Sports to Crash Helmets, etc.
  • Has 4 times the Impact strength of Aluminium with one half its weight.
  • Maintains Dimensional & Electrical stability in Temperature range from -60ºF to +250ºF.
  • Remains Stable under Ultra Violet Rays.
  • Terminals completely accessible from both side of Terminal Board.
  • Polycarbonate being Non Metallic & extremely resistant, reduces Electrical Shock Hazards drastically.
  • Available in wide range of colours to suit User Preferences.

Materials used:

Test Station: Polycarbonate
Hardware: Machined Screws, Washers & Hex Nuts(All Stainless Steel)
Conduit (Optional): Ultra Violet Stabilized

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