OMS - Downhole Monitoring System
OMS - Downhole Monitoring System

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OMS - Downhole Monitoring System

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Oxford Monitoring Solutions designs, manufactures and installs down hole, surface and remote monitoring solutions for the oilfield artificial lift industry. Our solutions are reliable, easy to understand and easy to implement in the field. We specialize in monitoring and control solutions for electric submersible pump (ESP), progressive cavity pump (PCP), rod pump (RP) and jet pump (JP) applications with a product offering spanning simple pump-off control gauges through to complete field automation solutions with remote web based monitoring.

Product Range

  • ESP Gauge Systems
  • Downhole Permanent Gauge Systems
  • Downhole Gauges for PCP, Gas Lift, Jet Pumps and other artificial lift systems
  • Surface Monitoring Systems
  • Real Time SCADA Solutions

OMS - Downhole Monitoring System


  • Wide range of products enabling a fit for purpose selection of gauge systems
  • Wide operating temperature range (up to 175 C maximum operating temperature)
  • Modern electronic components, screened and tested individually for high reliability and performance with advanced gauge layout and design.
  • Gauge performance and run life tracking for extended utilization
  • Capable of measuring up to 12 downhole parameters with multiple motor temperature and pressure measurements.
  • Plug and Play design with no requirement of field programming or calibration
  • Value engineered product that provides high performance with attractive prices


  • All oil producing wells
  • Naturally Flowing wells
  • Monitoring or exploratory wells
  • Wells with Artificial Lift Systems
  • Water Wells
  • Gas Wells including CBM wells
  • Fields requiring real time monitoring and automation (Digital Oilfield)

OMS - Downhole Monitoring System

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