LORESCO - Electrical Grounding Backfills
LORESCO - Electrical Grounding Backfills

LORESCO - Electrical Grounding Backfills

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SC•3® Earth Contact Backfill

LORESCO® manufacturers impressed current anode backfill for all field conditions. LORESCO® SC•3® is designed specifically for demanding anode systems. LORESCO® meets all standards for impressed current anode backfill. SC•3® carries an NSF certification. Other LORESCO® products are Replaceable Deep Anode Systems, AllVent ™ and PermaPlug.™ These products represent the finest innovations available for the deep-anode cathodic protection industry. For quality, service, and price, specify LORESCO®


LORESCO® SC•3®, due to its dust-free manufacture, is simple to install by either mixing and pumping or by pouring dry. With deep anode systems, pumping from the bottom up is recommended. LORESCO® SC•3® has superb pumping qualities due to the addition of surfactants and when agitated in water, takes on the characteristics of heavy mud. A recommended mix is seven gallons of water per one-hundred pounds. After installing SC•3®, allow twenty-four hours settling time before energizing. The modified surface of the carbon particles coupled with the action of the surfactants in SC•3® will achieve positive electrical contact by settling. Vibrating or compacting is not necessary. See installation section in this catalog for additional pumping data.


LORESCO® SC•3® is a surface modified, blended, and sized carbon backfill with surfactants.

  • Predominantly round particles
  • All particles surface modified for maximum electrical conductivity and high current applications
  • Particle sizing to be dust free with a maximum particle size of 1mm
  • Minimum calcination temperature of base materials is 1250° C
  • Base materials are calcined under ISO 9002:2000 quality control
  • Surfactants are added to assist pumping and settling
  • No de-dusting oils are used during the manufacture of base particles


Fixed Carbon: 99.35%

Ash: 0.6%

Moisture: 0.05%

Volatiles: nil (950°C)*

Bulk Density: 74 lbs. per cubic foot

LORESCO - Electrical Grounding Backfills

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