CP Softwares

CP software plays a very vital role in the field of Cathodic Protection, Corrosion Engineering and Integrity Engineering. These software’s helps in analyzing the CP system installed, its effectiveness and performance. The software consists of various sections or modules with options to input CP Parameters including Current, Voltage, potentials, as built data, design Data etc. The data collected from fields by the operator are fed to the system using very user friendly and custom screens.

SAIT™- CPDM [Software for Asset Integrity techniques]:

This application is GEI enabled CP infrastructure life cycle monitoring is database application software developed with Java Virtual machine, Data Server and Application server. The primary aspect of this software is to collect, store, safeguard the cathodic protection data and its asset details and provide custom made reports to evaluate the protection of various CP assets.

The software provides unique facility to customize and store the entire cathodic protection components and structures. The software is compatible with all Windows platform. The Software is available as ‘Single User’, ‘Server Based’ and ‘Web Based’ - which makes ‘SAIT-CPDM’ the most flexible CP Data management software catering the needs various industries from an individual user to multiple users in big operating industry. The key feature of this software is the GIS Viewer, which allows the user to view the respective locations of all their installation and CP Components.

GIs facilitate application in:

  • Monitoring assets conditions to assist in infrastructure life cycle planning and replacement.
  • MonitoringCP systems to view information in relation to the distribution system, diagnose problems, and ensure corrosion protection.

SAIT™- CPDM features:

  • 100% Compatible with any structure or Installations.
  • 100% Customizable to any kind of CP Systems
  • Historic data collection & analysis ; GIS Compatibility
  • Map showing actual location of all structures and CP Components
  • Back up & Restore feature ; Expandable to any number of fields
  • High Security

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