IGP - Monolithic Isolation Joints
IGP - Monolithic Isolation Joints

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IGP - Monolithic Isolation Joints

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From a modest beginning in 1955, IGP group today provides over 55 products and services to the core sector. The group’s products are well accepted in domestic and international markets.

IGP R&D team interacts with universities and technical associates to design new products. These products and processes are developed using in-house facilities.

IGP group has established long term relationship with its customers through custom designed world class products and services.

IGP is Asia’s leading Gaskets Manufacturer. Apart from Gaskets, Monolithic Insulation Joints are developed & manufactured in-house at IGP-Unit 2 facilities since 2002.

Monolithic Insulation Joints

  • Are boltless, rigid pipeline components, factory welded and ready for installation at site.
  • Provides electrical resistance between the pipeline sections and adjoining structures, thus improving the effectiveness of the Cathodic Protection System (CP pipeline).
  • Suitable for underground and above ground installations.
  • Maintenance free – fit & forget.

IGP - Monolithic Isolation Joints


  • Eliminates electrical short circuits and stops stray current in pipeline systems.
  • Most economical and reliable method that can be used for cathodic protection in all applications of the pipeline systems.
  • Eliminates field assembly of bulky installations of Flanges, Gasket Kits with bolt & fasteners.

Mechanical Properties:

  • The excellent mechanical properties are achieved by a rigid design of statically favourable form, using the thermos-setting plastic free from clod flow as insulating material.
  • The welded unit provides safe and reliable connection even over extremely long period of operations without risk of the secured and locked unit losing or separating.
  • The Joints have undergone all types of pressure tests requirements as per media of the fluid or application of the pipeline

Electrical Properties:

  • The dimensioning and practical arrangement of the insulating sections within the overall design in addition to technical production factors, in conjunction with insulation materials of a suitable quality, result in the ideal overall electrical behavior of the insulating joints large external insulating length, thus eliminating the possibility of spark over.
  • Very good dielectric strength, substantially greater than conventional insulating flanges.

Quality Control:

  • We are performing all pressure tests in-house, like Hydro, Pneumatic, Fatigue, Combined Cycle, Bent, Torsion, NACL Immersion, insulation resistance, Die-electric strength, adhsion and Holiday Tests.

Data Required for Manufacturing:

Pipeline application (fluid details), details of pipeline material, size, schedules, Design pressure and temperature

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