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Zinc Ribbon

Zinc has proven to be an excellent Anode Material for Cathodic Protection and grounding. To overcome the small impurities which are always present in the base material, conventional Zinc Alloys contain Aluminium. Zinc Anodes have been in use for decades to protect Steel Structures from Corrosion . Today, these anodes are still widely utilized and have proven to be an effective choice for preventing corrosion in selected soils and brackish waters, as a grounding electrode for AC mitigation applications.

Electrochemical Properties: Open Circuit Potential (-v) 1.05 w.r.t Ag/AgCl, Current Capacity (Amp - hr / lb) - 372, Galvanic Ef?ciency (%) = 90 - 95

Zinc Ribbon


  • High Current Output to volume ratio.
  • Easily conforms to any Cathode length or con?guration.
  • Will not cause nor magnify stray currents.
  • Generally used in soils of 1000 ohm cm or less with prepared Gypsum-Clay Back?ll.
  • The Ribbon for AC mitigation is laid parallel to the cross country pipeline, laid as mats and in spiral for localized grounding
  • External areas of Steel Pipe
  • Tank bottom Cathodic protection of above ground storage tank.
  • Grounding of cross country pipelines
  • Interstitial spaces between old, corroded and new Storage Tank Bottoms.

Zinc Grounding Cell

Zinc Grounding Cells consist of one , two or four Standard Zinc electrodes separated with 1” Insulating Spacers (for more than 1electrode). Nominal resistance of a two electrode Grounding Cell in wet area is 0.2 to 0.6 Ohm. Nominal Resistance of a four electrode cell is one fourth to one half that of a two electrode cell. The Grounding Cells are packed in standard backfill (75% Gypsum, 20% Bentonite and 5% Sodium Sulphate) either in a unit of one, two or four.

Applications :

Zinc Grounding Cells are used for AC Mitigation. This is used to bleed off AC from the structres , which are subjectto induced AC . Zinc Grounding cell can be installed at high voltage O/H crossing or parallelism locations.

Zinc Grounding Cell

Composition (ASTM B 418 TYPE 1)
Cu 0.005 max
Al 0.10-0.50
Fe 0.005max
Cd 0.025 to 0.07
Pb 0.006max
Zn Remainder
Potential -1.05 volts w.r.t Ag/AgCl
Capacity 780 amps Hr./Kg.

Polarization Cell Replacement (PCR)

PCR is a solid-state device designed to simultaneously provide DC decoupling and AC Continuity/grounding when used with cathodically protected structures, such as pipelines, tanks, grounding systems, and cable casings. The PCR has very high AC fault current and lightning surge current ratings. Polarization cell replacement (PCR) are used in conjuction with grounding cells.

Polarization Cell Replacement

Isolation Flange Kits

Isolation Flange Kits are used in flanges to isolate the protected and unprotected sides of the pipeline. It consists of non metalic gasket, washer,sleeve and metalic washer.

Surge Arrestor

Surge Arrestors are used to bypass the surges between isolated structures and protect the insulating materials.

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