DEKOTEC - Coatings & Field Joints
DEKOTEC - Coatings & Field Joints

Technology for pipelines
Corrosion Prevention
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DEKOTEC - Coatings & Field Joints

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Buried steel pipes for the transport of liquid and gaseous media are protected against corrosion by coating with thermoplastic material or thermosetting compounds. While coating of the pipe is done in the factory, some parts and installations of a pipeline remain that have to be coated on the construction site. Depending on pipe laying method, trenchless or in open trench, only welded joints or also bends, T-pieces, flanges and valves have to be protected in the field.

Based on materials like polyurethane, polyethylene, butyl rubber, petrolatum and combinations thereof, DEKOTEC is able to offer a broad variety of proven corrosion prevention systems as well as tailor made solutions for special fields of application.

Major Products

  • BUTYLEN tapes and systems
  • DEKOMAT® wrapping machines for BUTYLEN-Tapes
  • LIQUITOL® polyurethane coatings
  • Plastelen tapes and mastics
  • DEKOTEC® Heat Shrink Sleeves
  • Bitumen tapes
  • DEKOTEC® Rockshield DRM-PP

DEKOTEC - Coatings & Field Joints

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