Graphite Anodes

Graphite is the most commonly used material as an Anode in the impressed Current Cathodic Protection Industry . It is an excellent Conductor of Electricity , Chemically Resistant and is easy to Machine . Due to its proven long term Performance & Economics, Solid Graphite Anode is very popular in ICCP systems.

With strict Quality Control Guidelines, BSS Tech manages a complete line of Graphite Anode . These Anodes are composed of high quality Petroleum Coke mixed with Coal Tar Binders & extruded into Various diameter Rods. Rods are heated repeatedly over 2,600° C and then cooled . The complete process results in Anodes with high percentage of Carbon, which in turn delivers effective Protection at very low consumption rate . The consumption rate varies between 0.4 and 2.0 lbs. / Amp.year . (The recommended Current Density for the Graphite Anode is 0.5 Amp/ft2.).


Graphite anodes perform best under Dry Soil conditions, though it operates in Aqueous Environment. The effectiveness of these Anodes are increased with the use of Backfill as it increases the Anode Discharge Surface Area &lowers the Anode -to- Earth Resistance. Graphite Anodes have been successfully used in both Conventional & Deep Ground- Bed applications. They provide excellent Protection in Environments with high Chloride.

Graphite Anode

Graphite is Porous

To increase the Anode life the pores are filled with Impregnate. Graphite Anodes are treated with a Microcrystalline Wax. This limits any electrochemical activity to the surface of the Anode and reduces any tendency for the reaction to occur in the Pores . This also acts as a barrier against moisture intrusion which could cause deterioration of the Anode and possibly the Anode Connection. An alternate treatment is a Phenolic Resin, which is recommended for use in severe application Environments.

Fabrication Options

  • Treatment: Paraffin Wax, Phenolic Resin
  • Connections: Centre Connected, End Connected, Any Depth
  • Moisture Seal: Epoxy Cap, Heat Shrink Cap, Combination of Both
  • Cable: Any Size XLPE / PVC, HMWPE Insulation /Custom made.

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