Testing & Commissioning

BSS Technologies offers professional expertise in the maintenance, testing and commissioning services for Cathodic Protection & Corrosion Control System with a very strong team of NACE certified experts engineers and technicians. We do all types of testing related to Cathodic Protection and Corrosion Control and our Testing team is well equipped with all the required state of the art equipment /instruments to carry out these activities.

  • Onshore Cathodic Protection System Design for Tanks, Vessels, bullets, Cross Country Pipelines, Wells, Plant piping and associated structures, Re-inforced foundations etc.
  • Offshore Cathodic Protection Design for Subsea pipelines, Platforms, Jackets, Wells, Flare structures etc.
  • Cathodic Protection design for Marine structures like Piles, Sea water intake structures, Jettys, dolphins etc.
  • Cathodic Protection Design for Re-inforced Concrete structures.
  • Formulation of Multilayer Rehabilitation Plans.
  • AC Mitigation Studies and Measures.
  • Maintenance Contracts.
  • Training Programs to Clients In Corrosion Related Subjects.
  • Risk Assessment & Consequence Studies
  • Design of Anti fouling Systems
  • Front End engineering and Design (FEED) for Cathodic Protection and Corrosion Control systems
  • Existing Cathodic Protection systems Performance Evaluation