Mixed Metal Oxide Anodes

Titanium is chemically resistant & mechanically robust. Mixed Metal Oxide when coated over Titanium activates the latter. The Mixed Metal Coating has an excellent Electro catalytic property. The evolution of Oxygen & Chlorine and/or mixtures of the two Gases can be established with a Low Stable Anode Potential.


Mixed Metal Oxide Coating is a combination of precious groups of Metal Oxides . The Oxide composition has been extensively developed for optimized Electrochemical & Long lifetime in the various Cathodic Protection Environments.


BSS Technologies recognizes the simultaneous generation of Chlorine & Oxygen on the stringent environment the Anode inhabit. And so we provide Mixed Metal Oxide to withstand these harsh conditions. Concurrent Anodic generation of Chlorine & Oxygen occurs in Low Salinity / Brackish / Fresh Water . The long lifetime behavior is only because of the Low Electrochemical wear of the Coating provided for a stable low Anodic Operating Potential. We design our Mixed Metal Oxide Tubular Anodes for a lifetime of 10 to 30 years , even longer depending upon the Application & Customer requirement.

MMO Anode Tubular


  • Internal Cathodic Protection for Tanks, Condensers & Heat exchangers
  • External Cathodic Protection for Pipeline, Ships, Platforms, Jetty, Offshore, etc
  • Buried Structure & Tank Bottom

Mixed Metal Oxide Ribbon Anode


  • Tank Bottom Cathodic Protection System