TR For Cathodic Protection

Metallic structures are at risk of corrosion when submerged in water or buried underground for extended periods of time. Cathodic protection transformer rectifier units (also known as TR or TRU) are used for Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) systems. These units are purpose-built and generally feature remote control monitoring capabilities and current interrupters. The output of the transformer rectifier in the impressed current cathodic protection system should be optimized to provide sufficient current to protect your assets.

At BSS Technologies we offer a range of TR unit including ATEX to help you protect your critical assets and infrastructure from corrosion. Impressed current cathodic protection is a proven system for effectively controlling corrosion on metallic structures.

Transformer Rectifier

Type of Transformer Rectifier :

  • Air Cooled
  • Oil Immersed
  • Pulse Rectifier
  • Explosion Proof
  • ATEX certified

Standard Rating TR units :

 10V, 10A 20V, 15A 20V, 15A 25V, 15A 25V, 25A
 25V, 50A 50V, 50A 50V, 75A 75V, 75A 100V, 100A

How to Order :

To help our clients to pick the best features in a Transformer Recti?er unit, BSS Tech had developed an easy procedure. Pick the features from the following. A sample order can be explained as below:

BSTR-48-100-A-1-A-A-O-S-BIS Order code is supplied with below reference.

REFERENCE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
1. BS
2. TR
3. DC volt*
4. DC amp*
5. AC Input:
A - 415V, 3Ph
B - 400V, 3Ph
C - 115/240V, 1Ph
D - 240/460, 1Ph
E - 240/260, 3Ph
F - 240V, 1Ph
G - 115/480, 1Ph
H - 120 V ,1Ph
6. Input Power Frequency:
1 - 50 Hz
2 - 60 Hz
7. Mode of Operation:
A - Auto
B - Manual
8. Type of Control:
V - Variac Control
T - Tyristor Control
A - Tap Changer
9. Cooling:
O - Oil Cooled
A - Air Cooled
E - Oil Immersed Explosion Proof
10. Enclosure Type:
H - Hazardous Area
I - Safe Area Indoor
S - Safe Area Outdoor
X - ATEX Certified
11. Special Features:
T - Timer
F - DC Fuse Alarm
O - 115V Outle
B - Breather
D - Dual Inlet
I - Current Interrupter
S - Surge Arrester
R - Remote Control
M - Multi-Channel
N - Remote Monitoring
A - Auto Change over