High Silicon Iron Anode

The consumption rate of High Silicon Chrome cast Iron Anodes have been found to be between 0.2 - 1.2 lbs / (Amp. year). For the Anodes of the same chemistry & micro structure, variance in consumption is primarily due to the chemical and physical characteristics of the Anode environment. The consumption rate does not appear to be significantly affected by current density (amperes per unit area of Anode surface). The High Silicon Iron anodes are low cost impressed current anodes most frequently used in land based ground beds. These anodes are also suitable for use in Onshore and Marine environments. The use of coke breeze around the Anode in soil ground beds will tend to lower the consumption rate. A generally accepted design guideline for Anode buried in Coke Breeze is 0.7lbs per ampere year. High Silicon Cast Iron (HSCI) is an Iron alloy containing approximately 15% Silicon as the primary alloying element. Chromium is added to improve performance

High Silicon Iron Anode


  • High Silicon Iron Anodes can be used in a wide range of application.
  • High silicon cast iron Anodes are dependable and economical for impressed cathodic protection system
  • Low Consumption rate of Anodes
  • Limited current density 10-20 amps/m² in back fill due to the possibility of gas blocking. Higher current densities can be applied in fresh or sea water.

Type of Anodes:

  • Stick Type
Type Weight Discharge(Amp/ft²) Diameter Length Area
BTSI-260C 12kg (26lbs) 1.5-2.0 1.5” (38mm) 60”(1520mm) 2ft²(0.19m²)
BTSI-460C 20.9kg(46lbs) 0.75-1.0 2.3”(58mm) 58”(2134mm) 4ft²(0.4m²)
BTSI-600C 27kg(60lbs) 2.0-2.7 2”(50mm) 60”(1520mm) 2.7ft²(0.25m²)
BTSI-1100C 50kg(110lbs) 3.0-6.0 3”(76mm) 60”(1520mm) 4ft²(0.37m²)
  • Tubular Type
Type Weight Discharge(Amp/ft²) Diameter Length Area
BTSI-260T 12kg (26lbs) 1.8-2.2 1.5” (38mm) 60”(1520mm) 2ft² (0.19m²)
BTSI-500T 23kg(50lbs) 3.2-3.8 2.2” (56mm) 84”(2130mm) 4.2ft²(0.39m²)
BTSI-500T1 23kg(50lbs) 2.6-3.5 2.6” (66mm) 60”(1520mm) 3.5ft²(0.39m²)
BTSI-700T 32kg(70lbs) 3.7-5.0 2.6” (66mm) 84”(2130mm) 4.9ft²(0.46m²)
BTSI-950T 43kg(95 lbs) 5.3-7.0 3.8” (97mm) 84”(2130mm) 7.0ft²(0.65m²)
BTSI-1100T 50kg(110 lbs) 3.8-5.0 3.0”(76mm) 60”(1520mm) 4.0ft²(0.36m²)
BTSI-1220T 55kg(122lbs) 6.6-8.8 4.8”(122mm) 84”(2130mm) 8.8ft²(0.8m²)
BTSI-1770T 80kg(177lbs) 6.6-10.0 4.8”(122mm) 84”(2130mm) 8.8ft²(0.82m²)

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