Engineering Design

At BSS Technologies, we undertakes turnkey contracts for exclusive design responsibilities for Corrosion Monitoring and Cathodic Protectionrequirements in line with International Standards [NACE, DNV, SHELL DEP, BS etc and Client’s Specifications]. Our well-experienced Engineering Personnel, led by our Engineering Management Team executes such assignments.We approach projects by research its parameters, site context, landscape, services, budget and regulations. We work with our clients to explore and define their requirements.We drive force our design and management all projects regardless of their scale and complexity; on the basis of simplicity, efficiency and legibility.

Our Services Incorporate:

  • Onshore Cathodic Protection System Design for Tanks, Vessels, bullets, Cross Country Pipelines, Wells, Plant piping and associated structures, Re-inforced foundations etc.
  • Offshore Cathodic Protection Design for Subsea pipelines, Platforms, Jackets, Wells, Flare structures etc.
  • Cathodic Protection design for Marine structures like Piles, Sea water intake structures, Jettys, dolphins etc.
  • Cathodic Protection Design for Re-inforced Concrete structures.
  • Formulation of Multilayer Rehabilitation Plans.
  • AC Mitigation Studies and Measures.
  • Maintenance Contracts.
  • Training Programs to Clients In Corrosion Related Subjects.
  • Risk Assessment & Consequence Studies
  • Design of Anti fouling Systems
  • Front End engineering and Design (FEED) for Cathodic Protection and Corrosion Control systems
  • Existing Cathodic Protection systems Performance Evaluation

As a team we see that it is part of our responsibility to serve our clients that ultimately will become the users of our designs. For that reason we as engineers drive of the practice of creating innovative solutions that respond to the context, environment and place.