Magnesium Anodes

Magnesium Anodes are applied in high resistivity like soil, potable water etc. Standard Magnesium Anodes are available in variety of sizes and weight.

High Potential Magnesium Anodes

Features: Produces high driving voltage compared to other Galvanic Anode.
Applications : At high resistivity or high current requirement. Buried Structures in soil of high resistivity such as pipe lines, Storage Tanks etc in soil.

Standard Magnesium Anodes

Features: Produces low driving voltage compared to high potential type.
Applications: This type of Anode is useful when the current requirement of the system is less.

Extruded Magnesium Anodes

Features: In?uences larger structure surface uniformly produces greater amount of current than Cast Anodes.
Applications : Structures buried or submerged in comparatively high resistivity electrolytes.

Magnesium Anode

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