SAFETRACK – Pin Brazing Equipment
SAFETRACK – Pin Brazing Equipment

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SAFETRACK – Pin Brazing Equipment

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Safetrack provides the Cathodic Protection, Ground Circuit and Railway Industry with modern technologies for connecting cables to steel structure.

The Pinbrazing method were improved dramatically by Safetrack when the patented electronic (Constant Energy) were invented. Later the highly appriciated new S4 Automatic brazing gun were developed and fast become the only demanded gun at many users. The gun make sure to minimize any operator failure and brazing is used to ensure a safe electrical connection to different types of steel structures. The pin brazing method is the perfect method to use in cathodic protection systems for application of jumper bonds on pipes, connection of measuring cables, installation of sacrificial anodes, test posts and grounding installations. Using pin brazing for connecting bracelet anodes on pipe laying vessels (lay barges and reel barges) is the safest and quickest method which ensure high performance of the pipelaying.

SAFETRACK – Pin Brazing Equipment

The great benefits with Pinbrazing:

  • Works in any weather condition, even rain and snow!
  • Fast, a complete bond takes 1-2 minutes
  • Can be used in all angles
  • Ideal for pipelaying vessels
  • Economical
  • Safe for the operator
  • Low temperature, much less than thermit welding
  • Safe for the material as it does not melt the work material down.

SAFETRACK – Pin Brazing Equipment

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