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Marine Cathodic Protection

Marine Cathodic Protection is the service to protect the marine industrial structures like offshore pipelines, jetties, platforms, ships (or) vessels, piles, offshore wind foundations, jack up rigs etc. We are specialized in design, manufacturing, maintenance and inspection of marine corrosion control systems and are experts in marine CP surveys, Monitoring and evaluating existing marine CP systems, Annual maintenance, Anti Fouling Systems.

Marine CP Surveys:

Marine CP Surveys can be performed by expert engineers to gather, analyze and interpret data’s as per international standards. Several factors like water depth, water currents, location, depth of burial, size or length, cathodic protection system age and cost, determines which type of method to be used.

  • Drop Line Platform Survey
  • ROV Survey
  • Towed Vehicle-Trailing Wire Pipeline Survey
  • Submersible- Trailing Wire Pipeline Survey
  • Remote Electrode Submersible Survey
  • Guy Line Platform Survey
  • Current Density Survey
  • Hybrid ROV/Trailing Wire Surveys
  • Trailing Wire Landfall/Outfall Survey

Off Shore Structures can be protected by:

  • Sacrificial Anode Cathodic Protection System(SACP)
  • Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System (ICCP)
  • Marine Growth prevention System (MGPS) or (Anti Fouling)

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