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Concrete Cathodic Protection


Concrete Cathodic Protection is used to protect the reinforcing steel or Re-bars of the concrete structures from corrosion. Typical examples of such structures are Jetties, dolphins, Sea water intake structures, Bridges, Building foundations, Tunnels, Equipment foundations, cooling towers etc. Under most conditions a polarization of 100mV to 300mV is sufficient to achieve Cathodic Protection. Excessive Cathodic polarization should however be avoided to prevent Hydrogen evolution as this will cause Hydrogen embrittlement of the structures.

Anodes are the main component of the Concrete Cathodic Protection system which dictates the system life. Ti/MMO anodes are widely used for this type of Cathodic protection and they have more than 75years of design life at 110mA/m2 current rating. These anodes are available in many forms like ribbon mesh type or expanded mesh type or discrete type. Selection of anode type is based on the structure geometry, Type of structure like new or existing, design life requirement, exposure regime etc. experienced concrete CP experts headed by NACE CP specialists/Technologists and have designed, supplied and commissioned many such concrete Cathodic Protection systems on projects in Middle east and outside Middle east. We can offer most cost effective and technically suitable design package to suite the project requirements.

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